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I got the engine rebuilding blues... Part I

Since buying Andiamo almost five years ago, there was only one thing I dreaded and feared. Ok, there are actually alot of things that I dread and fear when it comes to boat ownership. But there is indeed one particular thing I really never ever wanted to deal with when it came to owning Andiamo, and for five years, I was able to stave it off. That is, until now.

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Changes are afoot...

Ok, so in the time I've been slacking on the blog the past few months. I've had a few revelations.

One, I've neglected it far too long, and that has to stop, and it does effective immediately. This blog has become a strange part of my life, and in my zeal to accomplish other things, I found this weird void because I wasn't keeping up with it. Nevermind the few almost daily emails and facebook messages I've been getting from people wondering what was up and why I haven't been updating!

Two, I've had a few interesting writing and consulting projects this past year that have definitely boosted my confidence about my ability to write about various subjects.

And three, I think it's time to take the Andiamo Blog to the next level. And yes, there IS a next level... :P

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Milestone time for me again...

My mom passed two years ago today. On some levels, I find it absolutely incomprehensible that it has been two years already. How is that possible? It feels like just last month that I was on a plane back from LA to Orlando after getting the news. My sister and I missed saying goodbye to my mom one last time by a matter of a day.

Much of what I'm feeling these days are "coulda', woulda', shoulda'" about my parents' final days. Wishing that I'd been there on time or soon enough to just say goodbye to them just one more time. Or, to just remind them that regardless of all the stuff I had to go through on their account, I was glad as hell that they were my parents.

Coulda', woulda', shoulda'...

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One of my heroes is gone....

I woke up today, glad that the internet was FINALLY back on, happy that I can get some work done. Only to be incredibly disheartened to find out that one of my all time cultural heroes, George Carlin, died yesterday.

I grew up listening to Carlin's records and watching his comedy and philosophy evolve from that of a counterculture funny-man to one of an incredibly articulate, no-holds-barred, and direct philosopher of modern life. Reading his books, watching his amazing stage presence on his HBO specials (I regret I never got to see him at a live performance), and just plain taking in his amazing wit played huge roles in my outlook on life and the world today.

There are only a few people in my life that I consider "true" heroes. No sports figures, no movie stars, not even politicians. But rather seemingly ordinary people who've done amazing things with their lives. People like Jane Gooddall, Michael Moore, and of course, Carlin. George Carlin started out as just another suit and tie comedian on the gritty club circuit in the 50's and 60's. Yet, thanks to his cultural environment and influences, including Lenny Bruce, he became an icon of wisdom, cynicism, pragmatism, secularism, and even libertarianism for my generation.

I salute my hero, and his cut-through-the-bullshit wit and audacity, which is so BADLY NEEDED in these very strange times of so-called "cultural war", will be SORELY missed. Nonetheless, the mark he made on American culture, and the fundamental voice of reason against the insanity of religion, politics, and corporate greed will not fade anytime soon.

I thank him for the life he lived.

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It still amazes me...

...how much "hate mail" and nasty comments on Facebook I get when I don't update the blog in any significant way for awhile. Usually from people I don't even know personally!

All I can say is thanks for rattling my cage, and asking me what's up. Things have been both mundane and hectic at the same time, thus the strange void of updates. I still don't understand why people find all this kooky drivel I put up here so interesting, but it motivates me nonetheless.

Here's some stuff to get caught up on pending my updates the blog:

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Nelson Mandela Lends a Fist

This is a true story.

Spring 1990

It was yet another crazy, inebriated Wednesday night at Sib's, a popular St. Thomas hangout nestled in the hills above Charlotte Amalie. It was a typical drunken night out in St. Thomas, and things were winding down. It was time to get back down to town somehow. The usual way back to town is via taxi. But for some reason, I wanted to walk it. It was a fairly easy downhill walk, and clear night to boot. I could only talk my then-roommate Mike, a cool, go-with-the-flow surfer-dude who like me, was also from Florida, into doing the walk back. Everybody else in our rather large party posse opted to either continue partying at some after hours dive in Frenchtown or to taxi it back home.

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Interesting Development... A Response from Hedman Alas, at long last... UPDATED

So if you remember, two friends that came to visit me, Miguel and Arcelia, and myself, got robbed on a bus December 2006 in Honduras. Since then, I've been back and forth with Hedman Alas bus line in regards to how its investigation was handled, and its horrifically feeble attempt to compensate us for our losses.

More than a year later, today, I get an email from one of the Hedmans, who attempted to respond to my posting linked above, which I posted almost a YEAR AGO TO THE DAY. I'm inserting his email, then I will paste in my email response to him that I just sent him. More on this as it develops...

----- Original Message ----

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