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That’s right… it’s time for ANOTHER VIDEO!!! Woohoo!

Last weekend it was crazy here. There was a national independence holiday going on, the Miss Colombia Pageant (which took place in Cartagena) and a weird boat festival called the “Balleneras” festival, which now ties in with the beauty pageant. Anyway, I hung out on deck watching the action with my video cam, and what happened afterward was a crazy little bit by Karen that was totally unrehearsed and unplanned. It’s actually pretty funny, at least I think so, so give it a look…

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  1. Pim the Weatherman says:

    Nice video Tony, keep on posting them! But have a queastion, who is the nice and very attractive assistent you have on board up there 😉 Why do you ever bring the most violent part of her to the surface? Glad i survived the Andiamo trip when i see this 😉 Take care and have fun!