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Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here…

Ok, so regular readers (the few of you out there) will remember we had a BIG development back in April when one of our onboard guests, Glen proposed to his lovely Holly while sailing with us in San Blas. It was what I called the beginning of some kind of paradigm shift in Andiamo’s rather tumultuous effect on relationships that came in contact with her.

Well, try this on for size. We just had ANOTHER marriage proposal. That’s right, the second in about two months. Crazy but true.

This time, it involved James and Hannah, a young, cool british couple who are doing a big South and Central America jaunt while taking a year off their jobs. They decided to jump on Andiamo for the trip over from Cartagena to San Blas last week so they can start their Central America leg.

Little did Hannah know that James was secretly planning his assault a couple of weeks prior to the trip. He emailed me a clandestine email in some kind of strange, archaic, WWII code that took a while to decipher with my code handbook (ok, that’s a bit of an embellishment, but you get the idea), telling me his devious plan. He asked me to pick a good spot for the mission. Being an old hat at this sort of thing *wink-wink*, I told him he was in good hands. Tony was on the case.

During the trip over from Cartagena, James approached me a few times when no one was around asking me about the plan. I told him no worries, that we should be in Coco Banderos by sunset, that would be a GREAT place to pop the question, work on his speech. We did great time on the sail over. Actually, it barely counted as a sail, it was more of a motor session, since there was little or no wind the whole time. BUT, the weather was also benign, and we had some of the clearest night skies on the trip that we’ve had in a long time. It was nice not to worry about the weather.

Enough about the weather, I’m getting off track…

Anyway, we got to San Blas a little later in the day than I would have liked, but I was determined to make it to Coco Banderos in time for sunset. Couldn’t let James down, even if it meant making a new shorter path on my chart, going around treacherous reefs I had never dealt with previously with fading light. HAH! That little detail won’t stop us from getting to “the church on time”, so to speak. πŸ˜›

So after some rather brilliant navigation and planning (if I do say so myself), we make it to Coco Banderos, and drop the hook in time for a SPECTACULAR, brilliant, colorful sunset. The timing was virtually impeccable. I suspected that James would take the ball and just run with it. He’d grab Hanna, and try to swim over to an island. Granted, we were a bit far from the island (but shit, they looked pretty athletic…). After patting myself on the back for what I thought was a job well-done, James comes to me and tells me he’ll wait ’til tomorrow to do the deed, and wanted to know where we’d be for that. Now, to say that I was thinking vengeful, violent thoughts against a paying guest would be wrong, so I won’t say that. However, I was a bit perplexed at the decision, considering the amazing stage that was set, and amazing, valiant effort taken to make it to that stage. But no matter, it was his proposal, not mine. :/

So, the plan was to get to Chichime’ the next day. I told him it was just as picturesque, and hopefully we’ll have just as nice a sunset. And if not, tough, he had his chance. So we’ll go for there. Hopefully we’d have some nice light breeze and pull up the gennaker for an easy sail the 15 miles over.

Wind, schmind. nothing. Nada. We had barely enough air to get the gennaker up, and then the wind died down to such insulting levels that my wind gauge didn’t even feel like registering a speed. It was pathetic. So on goes the motor, down goes the gennaker. Oh well.

We DO make it to Chichime’, under diesel power and with time to spare. The stage is set, and James asks me if they can swim over to the nearby cay (which is MUCH closer this time, no room for errors on this leg!). I say of course, and in fact, everyone swims over to the cay in the afternoon, except Lucy (she’s still not hip on the swim sessions yet).

A little later, James nudges to us that they are going to swim over to the tiny cay nestled on the other side of Andiamo (a cay that Karen has claimed to her own island and calls it “Isla Karen”. Not kidding). So we all hang out wading on the beach trying to be inconspicuous and non-nosey as they saunter off (by now, everyone else knew what was up, of course!).

A few minutes later in the midst of our conversation, I turn to look and I notice them standing on the foredeck of Andiamo instead of on the island they were supposed to going to as we originally thought. We’re all perplexed now, wondering what’s going on. That’s when I ask, a little loudly I was afraid, “Oh shit, is he going to propose to her on deck???”. Sure enough, seconds later, we see James down on one knee as he’s popping the big Q. Holy crap… we’re all staring in the most obvious sense, and even though we were a good 80-100 meters away, it’s a bit hard not to notice seven people staring right at you.

We see Hanna put her hands to her cheeks in obvious surprise, she’s even trembling a little bit. They embrace, and we see James reach for the mini-bottle of Champagne he smuggled along for the occasion. The audience is applauding from afar, even the Kuna’s on the island caught on and knew what was up. Another successful proposal for the record books.

Turns out that Hanna was getting a little nervous during the swim over to the other island, and was having trouble breathing. James thought it prudent to not try to force her to keep swimming to the islet with the risk of Hanna hyperventilating the rest of the time, in the name of setting the mood. He was afraid that would spoil the moment. We have reason to believe he was correct in that assumption. So the deck of the Andiamo did nicely.

So thanks for the honor of including Andiamo in your life-changing plans Hanna and James! Lucky for you guys, you did it before I introduced the new “Andiamo Wedding Proposal Add-on Package – only $799!!!” πŸ˜‰

So let’s give a big congrats to the happy couple and wish them friendly winds and fair seas! Any bets on when the next proposal will take place?

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  1. Jo Kaseno says:

    Very sweet! Definitely a pattern emerging….still think they’re nuts! πŸ˜‰