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… think I’ll buy me a football team…

The Mighty FC Gildan, before their semi-final match...

A couple of months back, Dino, Andiamo’s fearless Kuna crewman, came and asked me a favor on behalf of his home island’s soccer club. For the first time in a few years, his club’s team qualified for the Kuna Yala soccer championship tournament.

Everyone on the island was pretty excited about this. If they won this championship, they would earn some serious territorial bragging rights. They would also go on to represent Kuna Yala and play the leading teams from the rest of Panama in a series of friendly matches and a major cup tournament early next year.

The problem was their uniforms. They had been in desperate need of replacement for some time. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough money in the club’s meager coffers to pay for it. So he asked me if there was any way Andiamo can help.

Today Carti Yantupu, tomorrow Manchester United... ๐Ÿ™‚

Always up for the opportunity to help the island that has all but taken me in as one of their own, and to blatantly capitalize on the fact that no non-Kuna or boat has EVER sponsored one of Kuna Yala’s two dozen or so soccer clubs, I told Dino to give his team the good news. Carti Yantupu’s Gildan Football Club would get their new uniforms, and pronto!

The tournament kicks off. There are 12 teams that qualified out of 26. FC Gildan kicks ass and advances to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, they are eliminated at fourth place. But it’s their best showing yet to date, so everyone is happy about that. Their confidence is high that they will make the finals next year, and look damn fabulous doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. You rock! I love it!

  2. Janet Romero Ramirez says:

    Very awesome Tonster! You rock!

  3. Jodi Kaseno says:

    Very cool! And, now I have Pink Floyd’s “Money” stuck in my head!

  4. Janet Whittingham says:

    that is so amazing Tony, good for you!! Way to give back!

  5. Lynn Leonard says:

    That was nice of you, Thanks for doing something nice for the kids!

  6. Nick Santos says:

    world cup contenders !

  7. James G. Camp says:

    Good to see there’s a little Jerry Jones in you. Next you’ll have to build a stadium and get the star players on contract to build your dynasty ? The World Cup is just under 4 years away. ๐Ÿ˜‰