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All Things Must Pass…

tony christening boat
Christening ceremony, July 2004, Biscayne Bay, Miami…

When I bought Andiamo, eight and a half long years ago, I had no idea what to expect. That was part of the excitement. Alas, suffice it to say that there is no way I could have predicted that things would happen they way they have over that time. How could I? How could I have possibly predicted all the adventures, misadventures, happy moments, tragedies, surprises, disappointments, and all the other stuff that ensued over these years? 

When my then-wife and I left Miami for the blue yonder, I suppose I had an entirely different idea (perhaps overly romanticized) of what to expect from this grand adventure. It didn’t take long after sailing off from Miami, however, to realize that things would go FAR differently than I or anyone could have imagined. The initial challenges and dilemmas came fast and furious. For awhile there, I felt like there was one big-bad-luck-schleprock cloud hanging over me. It was a shock to the system, a hard dose of reality. Yet, somehow I managed to get through it, and make it through to sunnier horizons.

Yes, there is much that happened over these years that I clearly wish didn’t. And yet, there is so much more that did happen that I didn’t expect to, and was glad that they came to pass. So in the end, it makes everything more than worthwhile. I always say, that the most profound experiences I’ve had aboard were also the most challenging, and even the most dangerous. 

So many people, so many experiences, so many connections (many of which I still hold dear and value to this very day), stem from this incredible time on my dearly beloved boat and home. My life will never be the same, thanks to Andiamo and all she’s brought me. What started as an abstract dream back in my younger years, out of crudely-sketched drawings of sailboats, palm trees, and sunsets on my schoolbooks, manifested itself into an amazing reality. I am living proof that dreams do come true. Although never in the straightforward, painless fashion that one would wish. Yet it has all paid off in what I can only call an amazing chapter of my life. 


Cool Video Album by Captain Fabio!

Captain Fabio compiled this most excellent video album by tapping into the wonderful photos contributed by Andiamo guests, along with some great video footage. Check it out on Youtube! 🙂

Cartì Yandup Junior Team Win 2nd Place!

The squad on Andiamo before the big game…

The cup ceremony after the championship game…

December is the time for the soccer finals in Kuna Yala. And Andiamo is the proud sponsor of the Carti Yandup island team, where First Mate Dino’s son Rey plays as forward. With lots of hard work and tough competition, we were able to cheer them on all the way to the finals.


Sailing… Kuna Style!

Some cool footage of Captain Fabio and First Mate Dino doing some fun sailing on an old-school kuna cayuco. These dugout, gaff-rigged boats sail incredibly close to the wind despite having no keel or ballast, other than a standard sized paddle. Which doubles as the rudder. And, as Fabio soon discovered, they are FAST! Check it out! 🙂

New San Blas Map Page!

Due to popular demand and many many requests, I have finally put up a map of San Blas and Andiamo’s sailing area. Sorry it took so long, but like I said before, I can be a little slow. 😛

It can be seen here or via our FAQ Section!

Comments and feedback are welcome!

Great new video of Andiamo by Steffen Behn!

Steffen, a recent Andiamo guest, posted this excellent video of his trip aboard! Very nice and flattering clip! Many thanks to Steffen for sharing! Check it out below:

Great Deal on Panama Canal Tours!

Everyone knows you can’t come to Panama without checking out the Canal. Get with the program!

Thanks to a new arrangement we have with Canal and Bay Tours, Andiamo can offer a 5% rebate on all Tours offered! Just visit this site, and reserve your tour from there! Put a note on the reservation that you were referred by Andiamo (or are Andiamo guests), and you’ll get an instant 5% rebate via paypal after you make your deposit!

Panama Canal Tours!

We are always on the hunt for cool deals and offers for our Andiamo guests, so stay tuned for more! 🙂