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Cartì Yandup Junior Team Win 2nd Place!

The squad on Andiamo before the big game…

The cup ceremony after the championship game…

December is the time for the soccer finals in Kuna Yala. And Andiamo is the proud sponsor of the Carti Yandup island team, where First Mate Dino’s son Rey plays as forward. With lots of hard work and tough competition, we were able to cheer them on all the way to the finals.


Good News! Carti Road Reopens!

Ok, first the good news:

The Carti Road is reopened as of Sunday the 27th of March to tourist traffic. For awhile there, we thought it was never going to happen. And it could not have happened a moment too soon.

Now for some not so good news:

The Kuna Congreso (their tribal government) has decided that tourist traffic in and out of Carti needed to be more “controlled” and regulated more than it had been prior to the atrocious rains and mudslides that forced the road to be closed back in December 2010. (more…)

The Road to Nowhere….

Chunks of road... gone...

While I was gone due to a friend’s medical emergency in Belgium in late November/early December, the rains came down on Panama. And down, and down. So much so that by the time I had returned, many parts of Panama were underwater. Floods in the low-lying areas, mudslides, landslides and massive erosion in the highlands. The extent of the damage and havoc was, in a word, devastating. (more…)