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Return to Mexico…

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

It was inevitable. It was bound to happen sometime. Though I had been able to successfully dodge the subject for over five years, it finally happened. I got pulled back to Mexico. Not only was I slickly cajoled to Mexico. A place that until now showed up as just as one big black, non-existent spot on the map of my “world” as I saw it. No, on top of that I was called to a specific place there that shows up on that black hole on my map as my undisputed “epicenter of pain and sadness”. That would be… Isla Mujeres. (more…)

Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here…

Ok, so regular readers (the few of you out there) will remember we had a BIG development back in April when one of our onboard guests, Glen proposed to his lovely Holly while sailing with us in San Blas. It was what I called the beginning of some kind of paradigm shift in Andiamo’s rather tumultuous effect on relationships that came in contact with her. (more…)

Ok, this is a first… a BIG first…

Glen, Holly, Tony and Karen on Engagement Night... salud!
Glen, Holly, Tony and Karen on Engagement Night… salud!

It had to happen sometime…

In Andiamo’s five-year history, she’s been known to be an agitator, instigator, temptor, and even a destroyer of romantic relationships. She has cast her waves far and wide with great fury when it came to testing and ultimately crushing loving relationships. Which, until they met with Andiamo, were relatively blissful and harmonious. On the flipside, Andiamo has proven to be a hotbed for meaningless flings and loveless yet passionate trysts among people who were but strangers before coming aboard.