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Great new video of Andiamo by Steffen Behn!

Steffen, a recent Andiamo guest, posted this excellent video of his trip aboard! Very nice and flattering clip! Many thanks to Steffen for sharing! Check it out below:

Another great clip from Capt. Phil!

Click here to check out Phil’s latest clip via our Facebook Group! Some great underwater footage, and more excellent Kitecam footage under sail! Great job Phil! πŸ™‚

Cool Kitecam Video by Capt. Phil Lambkin!

Capt. Phil has been experimenting with his cool new “Kitecam” lately for flight-worthiness. And lo and behold, here’s the first fruit of his labors! He shot a little “test flight” off Andiamo’s stern while at its mooring off Carti Yantupu. Check it out, and stay tuned for more awesome footage of Andiamo under sail via the Kitecam! πŸ™‚

Great Guest Video!

San Blas Islands, Panama from Scott Sporleder on Vimeo.

Scott Sporleder, a very keen photographer from Southern California, did a trip on Andiamo last January. He put up a very cool clip of some photos and video he shot, and was nice enough to share it. So check it out! Thanks Scott and great job! πŸ™‚

Great Clip by Alex Galitzky!

Here’s a fun clip of photos and video made by Alex, a recent guest who hails from New York City. Many thanks Alex for sharing! πŸ˜‰

Another Sailing Clip! San Blas – December 2008

Here’s some great footage of some fun sailing we did in early December on our way to Cartagena. 18-25 knot winds, and really fun conditions. Andiamo just pointed and sailed like a rocket! The video barely does the real thing justice! Anyway, check it out! πŸ™‚

Andiamo has a new store! Cool, huh?

That’s right, as part of the Andiamo’s quest to rule the world, we’ve opened up an Amazon store! :p

Why you ask? Well, for one thing, I get asked all the time by readers what books they should read to prepare themselves for cruising. I also get asked for my opinion about other boat-related stuff as well. So, as part of the “Shameless Plugs” section’s strategy, I shall seek to render my opinions and advice about books and other products, AND direct you to the best deals for them online, which is almost always Amazon anyway.

I invite you to check out the store, and be aware that I’ll be adding lots more items and reviews as we go along. Also remember that I’ll also be linking to other shopping sites and resources under this category, and making recommendations for those sites as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go to The Andiamo Store now!