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Cool Video Album by Captain Fabio!

Captain Fabio compiled this most excellent video album by tapping into the wonderful photos contributed by Andiamo guests, along with some great video footage. Check it out on Youtube! 🙂

Great new video of Andiamo by Steffen Behn!

Steffen, a recent Andiamo guest, posted this excellent video of his trip aboard! Very nice and flattering clip! Many thanks to Steffen for sharing! Check it out below:

Cool Kitecam Video by Capt. Phil Lambkin!

Capt. Phil has been experimenting with his cool new “Kitecam” lately for flight-worthiness. And lo and behold, here’s the first fruit of his labors! He shot a little “test flight” off Andiamo’s stern while at its mooring off Carti Yantupu. Check it out, and stay tuned for more awesome footage of Andiamo under sail via the Kitecam! 🙂