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  1. mary nichols says:

    hey tony
    we are on for feb1-3 trip, do you have room at the apt on night of jan31 and feb3. Let us know if not we can find another place without a problem
    Mary and Joe Nichols

  2. Douglas Christina Macko says:

    Arrival 18 jan Sailing 20 jan. Need accomadations 18,19 an ride to the boat. Address of the condo/ hotel? Douglas

  3. Erick Lopez says:

    This is to offer our Charter Flight Services & Panama Canal Air Tours to your guests. Please contact us in case you need to charter an aircraft.

  4. Claudia Trombetta says:

    Hola, somos una pareja y nuestra hija de 10 años.
    Vamos a estar en Panamá del 10/02/2012 al 02/03/2012, y queremos conocer San Blas, en velero, haciendo un viaje de 2 o 3 noches en Andiamo.
    Por favor nos podrías decir si tienen disponibilidad y costos, dentro del período que estaremos en Panamá?
    Muchas Gracias
    Hi, We are a married with a daugther (10 years old). We want to spend 2 or 3 night trip (in Andiamo or similar bote).
    We will stay in Panamá, beetwen Feb. 10th. to March 2nd. (2012).
    Please, could you tell us the availability and rates?
    Thank you

  5. german says:

    hola, somos dos personas y queriamos saber si existia disponibilidad para el trip de dos noches en san blas, con salida el 24 de enero. Muchas Gracias y saludos.


    hello, we are a party of 10 wishing to make a 2 or 3 night trip to san blas starting february 18th. Would appreciate if you could reply with availability for the number of people and cost. Hope to hear from you soon

  7. lucrecia meani says:

    guys congratulations i adore your project !!!!! I live in Puerto Madryn Patagonia and on march I will go to San Blas to visit a couple of friends from the Kawama is a boat spanish flag a confortina 35 and well, hope to see you there and meet you I am Lula nice to meet you and hope to book a sailing with you it seems fun! about the web page the spanish translation is a bit poor jajajajja regards!!!!!

  8. maykin chung jordan says:

    exelente presentacion me interesaria para 2 niñas y 1 adulto seria una experiencia imnolvidable gracias

  9. ruben says:

    mitzy, estamos en panama, alojados en el hotel dos mares, nosotros mañana estamos embarcando en un crucero, me gustaria te contactes con nosotros para poder ver el tema de San blas para el dia 12/3, saludos

  10. michelle wilson says:

    I want to sail with you on april 12 is that 2 or 3 night adventure?

  11. hola from munich,
    i´m very interested in visiting san blas islands in april (the 3-days-2nights-trip). i´d like to ask about the food, is it included or can we buy food/drinks anywhere? thank you and many regards from cold bavaria

  12. anne loosveld says:

    Buenos dias, hi there,

    We would like to know if there are any two-night trips around san blas planned for the period starting 8 or 9th of April. What would the cost be of such a trip?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

    Anne and Erik from Curacao

  13. Esteban Sceia says:

    Buenas tardes, somos un matrimonio con 2 niños de 7 y 10 años y queremos visitar el archipiélago de San Blas durante 7 días. Llegaremos a Panamá City el día 31 de Marzo y regresaremos a Argentina el día 7 de abril. Por favor envíenme información sobre travesías durante esos días por el archipiélago. Si tienen algún viaje de una semana, sería muy interesante, caso contrario, algún viaje que esté dentro de los días que nosotros estemos en Panamá. A la espera de sus comentarios, saluda atentamente. Esteban Sceia

  14. Aisha says:


    I am interested in booking a 2 night trip to the San Blas Islands in late June 2012. I am a single traveler. I am planning to arrive in Panama City on Thu June 21 and would like to go as close to that date as possible. I would also be interested in staying at the Andiamo’s “Awesome City Pad” 🙂 before and after the trip if possible?


  15. Brian walsh says:

    Hey there, just wondering if the sail through San blas is still on for April 18th?
    If there is room for 2 if it’s still on?

  16. Adriaan says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to do some sailing, is this possible with you? I would like to go as soon as possible. What do you charge for a trip?
    Thank you,

  17. Patricia says:

    Nooooo! Are you really not going to have any trips that Memorial day weekend?! May 25-28th? I’ve been looking forward for months to go on Andiamo!! I even wanted to go down during the December break but plane tickets were way too expensive. Finally get decent tickets to head back down to PTY and you’re not going to be out and about!? Awwwww. I’m so bummed out! The Curse of the Babyhead, I think…

    Do you know of any other casual sailors in the area? I’m not a yacht-chartering, tour person. I’m more of a casual sailor, like you described, a buncha friends heading out to chill on the water type of person. I lived on board a big sailboat in the Caribbean for months in 2010 and race on sailboats in Southern California. Anyways, don’t know if you know of anyone that’s going to be out and about sailing San Blas or any other parts of Panama during those dates. Thanks in advance!

    1. Tony says:

      Hi Patricia, sorry I just saw your comment. Sorry that the babyhead curse has affected your trip. It’s too bad you didn’t email us before booking your tickets. We would have gladly given you some dates to work with. As for other boats, sorry, things are kinda dicey between non-Kuna boats and the Kuna (not necessarily us). So we need to stay out of that rift. All I can tell you is that if you come up with any other dates, to let us know. Thanks and thanks for your nice comment.

  18. Ximena y Eduardo says:

    Somos 4 adultos. Matrimonio y 2 hijos (24-25) interesados en 4 a noches
    favor informar programa (rutas), costos y forma de llegar desde Panama
    Saludos desde Chile

  19. Sole says:

    Hi! We are two friends from Argentina, and we are coming to Cartagena next June…We’ll be there from June 5th to the 25th.
    We want to make the long trip, with 3 nights in San Blas, leaving from Cartagena. Please let me know if you are available!!!
    Thanks a lot!!

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