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June, 2004:

Boat’s coming along…

The boat is finally coming together. For the first time in months, we’ve been able to narrow down our outstanding issues to just a few, along with a couple more purchases and installations we need to make.

Here’s hoping that the guys who are working on the bow repair can get things wrapped up within the next few days. There is not that much to do. Just a little more fairing, sanding, and then primer and paint. It has been BRUTALLY HOT here in Miami the past few weeks, and it’s making getting any work done during daytime hours nearly impossible.

They’re telling me that they should have the rest of the repair done by end of this week, here’s hoping so. If that happens, we’ll be able to take Andiamo out on her first real sea trial over the weekend. We’re trying to get out of Miami as soon as possible, we’re ready to go, and the slip rent we’re being charged is KILLING us. |-|

More to come, plus more photos of the boat coming up….

Ok, we’re online… stop nagging us!!! Here’s a recap of events.

Ok, so it took longer than it should have, as everything else on this boat has. But we’re finally online, and things are coming together. We apologize for the extensive delay. The number of emails we have gotten asking us about this site’s status really surprised us. We didn’t think that many people were interested.

Just to recap on what has happened and what is going on, to bring everyone up to speed: