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October, 2004:

Only a nobody walks in LA…

Ok, so I finally make it to LA after a lovely 2 day waltz with Hurricane Jeanne in Miami. While it was nice to see some of our former dock buddies at Dinner Key, I was glad to finally be able to leave. I was ready to attend to the matter at hand in LA, getting La Dolce Vita ready for sale. Over the past few days, I’ve worked to get LDV back to ship shape, while finding time to walk my nephew and niece to school, and get reaquainted with them.

I’ve also had some time to assess how I’m feeling about being back in LA 7 months after selling the house, cars, and other worldly possessions and leaving it to embark on our Andiamo adventure. I find that I feel like I’ve been away something more like 10 years rather than 7 months. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting some tingling sensations about my relationship with LA, and here’s what I’ve come up with: