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August, 2008:

I got the engine rebuilding blues… Pt. 3

It’s getting a bit frustrating for me. It seems like Elvis is showing up for less and less time each day. One day, for instance, he showed up at 11 AM, worked until 12:30 and then took off for lunch. He didn’t come back until after 3 and worked another hour and a half. It was particularly annoying because he was starting to complain about how long the job is taking him. Whenever he complained, I dryly suggested that maybe he should show up earlier and get more work done in the course of the day rather than the short days he’s been working. Perhaps he’d get done sooner. I don’t think he caught on to the sarcasm. (more…)

I got the engine rebuilding blues… Pt 2

Elvis and his guys were fairly quick in getting the engine apart. He was sure he could get everything apart on the boat to the point where he would just leave the bare engine block on the boat, and take everything else to his shop to get prepared and rehabbed. Didn’t quite work out that way. When he tried to get the pistons out of the cylinders, it proved to be impossible. (more…)