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August, 2009:

Another Video! Gennaker Sailing! Que linda!!!

I took this video MONTHS ago, and I’ve been wanting to get it edited and all niced up. I finally got the chance to finish it. This is the kind of sailing I like to do, easy, smooth, and pretty. 🙂 I like to do the other kind of sailing, hard, fast and dirty, but this is just as cool.

Hope you like it!

Pam and Bethany’s Big Panama Adventure, Part II

So after getting back to the hotel from the police station, we parted ways at the elevator. We make the plan for Pam and Bethany to wake me up at 7:00. We’ll have breakfast, get to the police station at 8 to get the passport back, and hopefully put an end to this ordeal. I stayed up and did the poker grind for a couple more hours before finally turning in.

Next morning, my room phone rings, and it’s Pam. She says that it’s about 7, and they were going to come down in a few after getting ready. I groggily acknowledge and hang up. In my half-dazed sleepy stupor, I caught a glance at my cel phone laying close to my head on the bed. I notice that it says that it’s only TEN AFTER SIX!!! What the??? I call Pam back and curtly tell her that it’s only about six, we still have an hour! She shamelessly responds to that saying that they didn’t have a clock, and she just assumed it was close to seven! They had been using Bethany’s Itouch as the alarm clock and it was obviously no longer in her possession. I grunt and hang up, thinking that I have some snooze time. (more…)

Pam and Bethany’s Big Panama Adventure, Part I…

So Pam, an almost lifelong friend from school, and her daughter Bethany came down to Panama for a weeklong church project that was going on up in Veraguas in mid-August. The idea was to do the week there, and then come down to Andiamo for a few days, then do a few days in the city before heading back for Florida. The timing was good, because I had space on an upcoming trip for them, and I could use some good company going through my post-Karen blues. So there was going to be fun times in store, and maybe an adventure or two. (more…)

Time Off – Oct 3rd to Oct 16th

Andiamo will be unavailable during this time due to boat maintenance and personal time off for me. Please don’t make any requests for trips during this period. Thanks!

Spotted Eagle Ray Footage!

Trond, a Norwegian guest who was aboard Andiamo early August 2009, shot this really beautiful footage of a spotted eagle ray swimming along the sandy bottom in Chichime, San Blas. He was gracious enough to share the video with me, which I edited and put into this clip. It’s short, but sweet. Enjoy!

A Farewell to Karen…

As much as I didn’t want it to happen, Karen and I had to part ways, and she had to leave Andiamo not long ago. There were just too many forces at play that kept her from staying aboard, and being with me. It’s been a rather sad time for me to deal with her not being around anymore. Especially after she’d become such an integral part of my life. Not to mention how important she’d become to keeping Andiamo’s stuff together.

While I’m dealing with the sadness, I also find myself feeling extremely fortunate for having had the time we did have together. Meeting her when I did was a breath of fresh air. She has brought me so much joy, love, happiness and laughter (and yeah, some drama, but interesting drama) over the past 18 months or so, that I can’t feel anything but fortunate. Her support for when things were not going so well with me, got me through the rough spots. She was always there for me. I hope my being with her gave her at least half as much.

Rather than lament any further, I figured I’d put up a cute little clip that I had been wanting to put up for some time now. I guess this is as appropriate a time as ever to show this.

Thanks Karen, for everything. I love you and will miss you more than you will ever know. Muchos Besos!

Been REALLY busy lately…

Trips have been going on back to back for the past couple of weeks. I did three trips, then took four days off (where I really didn’t do much but try to relax as much as possible in the city). I am now in the middle of two three-night trips back to back. After this, I’ll have at least 10 days off after this coming trip. I’ll need to take a few days to do some maintenance on Andiamo, and the rest of the time will be STRICTLY breaktime. Well, not entirely, I have lots to catch up on with the site, but hopefully I can get it done inside of a day or so. 🙂

I have some more familiar faces visiting this coming trip. Pam, a longtime friend from high school will be raiding Andiamo with her college-age daughter Bethany. Should be fun! After that we’ll hang out in the city for a few days before they head back to Florida.

In other news, I should be finishing up my schedule for October, November, and December (which is already pretty much booked solid) during this breaktime. I have some nice fun video, pics, and some tribute video to Karen, (who is sadly no longer with me on Andiamo as of a few weeks ago) and a couple of posts that are still in draft. So stay tuned…