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Shameless Plugs

Great Deal on Panama Canal Tours!

Everyone knows you can’t come to Panama without checking out the Canal. Get with the program!

Thanks to a new arrangement we have with Canal and Bay Tours, Andiamo can offer a 5% rebate on all Tours offered! Just visit this site, and reserve your tour from there! Put a note on the reservation that you were referred by Andiamo (or are Andiamo guests), and you’ll get an instant 5% rebate via paypal after you make your deposit!

Panama Canal Tours!

We are always on the hunt for cool deals and offers for our Andiamo guests, so stay tuned for more! πŸ™‚

Check out our new City Crib! :)

Nice view from the Terrace! πŸ™‚ Click on the image to see more!

It finally happened, we finally scored a great pad that not only are not ashamed to show off, but can also offer to our guests and friends who need a place to stay in the city! πŸ™‚

It’s an outstanding large apartment in the heart of El Cangrejo in a great building. So if you need to stay in the city for any reason, especially if you’re going to be doing a trip on Andiamo, then be sure to check it out! Oh, and Andiamo guests (and members of our Sailing Club on Facebook! πŸ™‚  ) get an outstanding discount off our standard “AirBnb rate! 

So if ya need a place to crash when you’re PC, do let us know! And if you know someone who does, let them know about us! Oh, and since our listing is new on AirBnb, we’d appreciate if you’d kindly surf by and give our listing a “like” or a “tweet” or whatever love you can, we sure do appreciate it! πŸ™‚

Hey! Check out my first non-Andiamo project! :)

Since handing the full-time reins of Andiamo to my hardy captain and crew, I of course have inherited much more time to try to take some of my kooky ideas from page to practice. Here’s the first hatchling… πŸ™‚

Being rather avid poker players (sometimes a bit TOO avid), Mitzy, my poker-partner-in-crime (and trip manager!) and I came up with the idea of Panama Poker Guide. I realized that while Panama has a rapidly growing poker scene, there was no real way to let the rest of the world know that. In fact, unless you’re IN Panama, there is almost NO way of knowing what’s going on at the poker rooms, the games, tournaments, etc. So…. we decided to make a resource that the entire global-poker-playing-public can tap into. Isn’t that nice? (more…)

Ok, I really gotta plug my WebHost!

I’ve been on my current web hosting company, HostGator for about a year now. Prior to that, I was rather “stuck” with a hosting company that I’d grown tired of after some pretty major downtimes, data losses, and other gaffes. I tried to find a way to move the Andiamo site painlessly and quickly, but to no avail. After the umpteenth major screw-up that actually ended up costing me about 4 months’ worth of blog entries, I’d had enough. (more…)

Andiamo has a new store! Cool, huh?

That’s right, as part of the Andiamo’s quest to rule the world, we’ve opened up an Amazon store! :p

Why you ask? Well, for one thing, I get asked all the time by readers what books they should read to prepare themselves for cruising. I also get asked for my opinion about other boat-related stuff as well. So, as part of the “Shameless Plugs” section’s strategy, I shall seek to render my opinions and advice about books and other products, AND direct you to the best deals for them online, which is almost always Amazon anyway.

I invite you to check out the store, and be aware that I’ll be adding lots more items and reviews as we go along. Also remember that I’ll also be linking to other shopping sites and resources under this category, and making recommendations for those sites as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go to The Andiamo Store now!

Welcome to Shameless Plugs!!!

This ain't no ordinary snake oil, my friends...

This ain't no ordinary snake oil my friends...

Ok, bottom line. Boats are frickin’ expensive, and I have a cat and Colombian girlfriend to feed! πŸ˜›

In this section, I’ll venture into the world of recommending books, products, sites, services, boat gear, information and any other stuff that I can only whole-heartedly recommend. I invite you to check out my suggestions and recommendations in this section, which I’ll be updating regularly.

If you find something you like, all I ask is that you use my link. I’ll also be putting up whole articles reviewing different kinds of products and services that I have checked out and give my recommendations on them as well. I hope you find this section interesting and not just blatantly commercial. My boat, girlfriend and cat all thank you.

Sailboat Rigging

$15 Off Orders Over $200 from! Use Promotional Code: WMAFF (*Restrictions Apply)

sailboat rigging Rigging a c-scow with boom vang and cunningham lines?

I’m reviving a 1972 Melges c-scow sailboat and would like to know how to rig the boom vang and cunningham lines. Any other tips about this catboat and its rigging would be appreciated. Any links to illustrations or reference books I could look for? is really the place you need to go to there are some scow buffs there

How to Sail a Boat : Rigging the Main Sail: Free Online Sailing Lessons