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July, 2005:


That’s the word that comes to mind. For a week until about 2 weeks ago, I was in London, visiting friends, enjoying the sunshine/warm weather, and hopping around the city on the “tube” (London’s subway system). Now today, I see all over the news that a series of terrorist bombs went off all over London this morning, in several underground stations no less. Not only that, they were stations that I used extensively during my stay there. Edgware Road, Liverpool Street, Aldgate, were among three stations that were bombed that I was in and out of all the time during my stay.

I can still picture all the tube riders I observed during my rides. Most were wearing shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, on their way to the park, work or wherever they were heading in the great summer weather. Everyone in great spirits, smiles and laughs everywhere. I remember saying to myself what a great time to be in London. To think that “vibe” can be all but vaporized in a few mere seconds is pretty tragic.

The first thing I thought about after hearing that Aldgate station was hit, was about my friend Steffenie. She uses Aldgate every day to commute to work, and all I can do was hope that she wasn’t hurt or worse in the blast. I emailed her, and thankfully she was able to email me back and tell me that she was ok, though very shaken. In fact, she said, the only reason she missed the blast at Aldgate was because she ran five minutes late getting out of the house this morning. Unbelievable.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Rosie, and I can only hope that she’s ok too. The news gets worse and worse, with the fatality rate at 20 and counting. It’s clear that this was bad from the pictures of pandemonium and destruction caused by the blasts. I fear that the news will be much worse as the day rolls along.

Like I said, surreal.