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April, 2011:

Hey! Check out my first non-Andiamo project! :)

Since handing the full-time reins of Andiamo to my hardy captain and crew, I of course have inherited much more time to try to take some of my kooky ideas from page to practice. Here’s the first hatchling… 🙂

Being rather avid poker players (sometimes a bit TOO avid), Mitzy, my poker-partner-in-crime (and trip manager!) and I came up with the idea of Panama Poker Guide. I realized that while Panama has a rapidly growing poker scene, there was no real way to let the rest of the world know that. In fact, unless you’re IN Panama, there is almost NO way of knowing what’s going on at the poker rooms, the games, tournaments, etc. So…. we decided to make a resource that the entire global-poker-playing-public can tap into. Isn’t that nice? (more…)

Another great clip from Capt. Phil!

Click here to check out Phil’s latest clip via our Facebook Group! Some great underwater footage, and more excellent Kitecam footage under sail! Great job Phil! 🙂