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Hi I’m Tony. I was born in Chicago, and have lived in Italy, Brazil, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and ultimately call Los Angeles, California home (at least my last real home in the States). In my four-plus decades on this earth so far, I have done everything from finishing a navy stint, selling real estate, tending bar, selling TV’s to ultimately building a somewhat successful internet company.

I’ve spent the last seven years cruising the Caribbean on Andiamo. I also like writing and taking on the occasional consulting project on the side. I’m not a bad poker player either. 🙂

Despite all that’s changed in my life, my passions have always been sailing and travel. Over the past 22 years, I have: completed a transatlantic crossing from Antigua to France; crewed on charter and private yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean; sailed small boats including Lasers, Star Class, and FJ’s; and have crewed on dozens of deliveries. I have also sailed extensively in Florida and California (most of my California sailing was done on my first boat, “La Dolce Vita”, an Islander Bahama 30). I’ve been sailing Andiamo since 2004.

I’m also a huge fan of traveling overland. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, North, Central and South America and the Eastern Caribbean. I hope to cover some parts of the world I haven’t been to yet soon. For me, travel is really what life is all about. “Andiamo” (it means “let’s go” in Italian) is the name of the boat I dreamed up when I was growing up and nurturing my life’s dream about sailing and seeing the world. The name has the attitude I’ve always had about travel, discovering people, and experiencing new places: “Let’s GO!”.

Note: Tony is no longer actively involved in the management and operation of Andiamo. He has moved on to new horizons. 


  1. Sandra Kollar says:

    Interesting to see you know! You were one of my surf rats!

  2. Hanna Mach says:

    Hi Andiamos!

    We are to women from Frankfurt/Germany and would like to spend 10 days beginning from April 2nd, 2012 on a boat in the St. Blas oder Los Roques region.

    Would you be sailing around the area at that time?

    Best Regards and a smile

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