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February, 2008:

Nelson Mandela Lends a Fist…

This is a true story.

It was yet another crazy, inebriated Wednesday night at Sib’s, a popular St. Thomas hangout nestled in the hills above Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas’ only real town. It was time to get back down to town somehow. The usual way back to town is via taxi. But for some reason, I wanted to walk it. It was a fairly easy downhill walk, and a clear night to boot. I could only talk my then-roommate Mike, a cool, go-with-the-flow surfer-dude who like me, was also from Florida, into doing the walk back. Everybody else in our rather large party posse opted to either continue partying at some after hours dive in Frenchtown or taxi it back home.

Living in St. Thomas the previous few months had been a welcome change for me. I was finally free from the mediocrity and just plain depressing mode of life I had in Florida. I was finally able to seriously pursue my dream of getting into sailing and cruising the islands. Albeit doing really demanding work on charter yachts. (more…)

Interesting Development… A Response from Hedman Alas, at long last… UPDATED

So if you remember, two friends that came to visit me, Miguel and Arcelia, and myself, got robbed on a bus December 2006 in Honduras. Since then, I’ve been back and forth with Hedman Alas bus line in regards to how its investigation was handled, and its horrifically feeble attempt to compensate us for our losses.

More than a year later, today, I get an email from one of the Hedmans, who attempted to respond to my posting linked above, which I posted almost a YEAR AGO TO THE DAY. I’m inserting his email, then I will paste in my email response to him that I just sent him. More on this as it develops…

—– Original Message —- (more…)