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Andiamo Projects

In this section, I’ll be highlighting and discussing various worthy projects and programs that I’m involved in, and need support and help to bring them to completion.

Great new header graphics, by a rapidly improving Mietsie! :)

One of the spiffy new headers by Mietsie! 🙂 (just refresh any page to see the others!

If you’re noticing that the site has a bit more “splash” and some new visual life on it, it’s thanks to a new series of headers that Mietsie back in Belgium made over the last couple of days. They are a refreshing and welcome update to the tired. old, amateurish ones I made a couple of years back when I was bored, probably a little intoxicated, in need of a hobby, and trying with obvious futility, to be artistically creative. :/

For those of you who don’t know Mietsie, she’s someone who goes way back with me since this whole Andiamo thing started. She’s the cousin of Raf, who was my first crew on Andiamo when she left Mexico under dark clouds in late ’04. Over the years, we’ve been through a lot fun, crazy, happy and sad times.

She was involved in a horrific car accident last November. Her car was broadsided by another car going at full speed when she was on her way home from a friends’ get together on a late Saturday night. The car’s full impact was directly on the driver’s side door. (more…)

Andiamo enters the Stone Age…

[singlepic id=20 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The long delayed galley redux is complete. It’s taken almost 2 years to get to this point. Two LONG years, of looking at hideous, cracking, warping, formica and all the misery that goes with it. It’s gone from Andiamo. Forever. (more…)