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September, 2011:

San Blas Road Update….

 Things have been going pretty smoothly with the Carti road situation since the DREADED ROAD CLOSURE that we experienced from last December through March due to both natural and insanely political forces. It’s a long story, and for the sake of my blood pressure, and to preserve public decency and decorum, I’m not going to get into the gritty details. 😛

But the game has been changed on us yet again regarding transportation. The Kuna Congreso has decided to regain the strict control it had over all transportation in and out of San Blas on the Carti road by requiring all tourists and drivers to go through their central transportation office in Panama City. Until now, we were able to utilize our preferred drivers to get our supplies and guests to and from Andiamo. While we are sure everything regarding the new system will be fine while some wrinkles are ironed out, I feel it’s our responsibility to disclose these changes and to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Our FAQ page has been updated with the new information, so check it out now.

Great pics by Capt. Fabio!

Andiamo’s new captain Fabio just posted some cool pics on his blog. So Check them out here!

Many more to come! 🙂