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December, 2010:

The Beautiful Chaos of Havana, Part 2…

Rainbow over El Malecon - click on any photo to see the full Album on Facebook!

Part 1 can be found here.

After a few days in Havana, I discovered myself getting vaguely comfortable with how daily life worked. The routine was both basic and comfortable. Have my breakfast, usually consisting of some pressed black-market ham and cheese, and some rather dry toasted bread. Get the espresso pot going with some of Karen’s good black-market Venezuelan coffee. I’d then walk over to the living room and click on the rather large flat-screen and watch some state-TV news, which was usually all that was on during the morning.

Unfortunately it was quite boring and a bit on the sugar-coated side. If you were to believe all the feature stories, Cuba’s government was: actively patching up all its potholed roads; fixing schools; installing traffic lights in dangerous intersections; and ensuring that all citizens have adequate transit service to and from work. (more…)

Longer 4-Night Group Trips – starting March 2011!

After hearing some guest feedback, we’re going to start offering 4 night group sails starting end of March 2011. This means more time on the water, and more islands! Doing these longer trips will enable us to venture further east down the archipelago than we can practically go on our 2 and 3 night trips. We’ll see how it goes!

Also working on scheduling some coastal trips from San Blas to Rio Chagres, which will offer a new kind of trip for Andiamo. If all goes well, we’ll be scheduling a trip in April sometime to test it out. Stay tuned.

Intrepid ‘Andiamo’ from Phil’s Eyes.

Great shot by Phil, check out more on his FB album by clicking the link!

This is one of many future contributions Phil will be making to the Andiamo Blog. I’ll be setting up his own section on the site once he builds up a bit of an article count…

Tony invited me to pitch up in Panama and see if i could help with running some of his sought after trips. I’m Phil, Philip Morris, as in the cigarettes but not part of it! Done some sailing and a bit of world living & travel. Panama is good. Panama is different. Its in that crazy sort of untamed way that you LIKE to see when you need to escape from too much civilisation. So…also…getting your gear together and charging out to Andiamo for an island break heightens this appeal. (more…)