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January, 2009:


My Pop, a few months before his death...

Pop, a few months before his death...

Four years ago today, I lost my Pop. I guess I’m getting better at handling this particular date as each year passes. And this year, I even wondered if any prevailing thought or theme would enter my head enough to make me want to write about it. Yet again, here I am doing just that. And the prevailing theme for this year’s go-round, is that painful thing we can only call regret. (more…)

Another Sailing Clip! San Blas – December 2008

Here’s some great footage of some fun sailing we did in early December on our way to Cartagena. 18-25 knot winds, and really fun conditions. Andiamo just pointed and sailed like a rocket! The video barely does the real thing justice! Anyway, check it out! 🙂

Interview with a Kuna Chief…

If you remember a few posts back, I mentioned that we had a TV crew onboard for a few days. During that foray, we had to go to Porvenir to both get permission for them to shoot in the area (The Kuna are VERY strict about allowing TV and film crews in San Blas), and to try to get an interview with the chief. After two solid hours of tense negotiations, we got the permission, and the interview. Here’s an interesting clip of what transpired during the interview…

Cartagena to San Blas Sail – leaving approx. March 14th

Andiamo will be sailing to San Blas for yet another jaunt. She leaves Cartagena for an overnight sail to San Blas. Once there, we will cruise the islands for two more nights.  It’s a GREAT trip. There is no space available on this trip. If you would like to see about getting aboard, please visit the Sail Andiamo Page on our website for more information and to make a pre-reservation!

2 Night Sail in San Blas, Panama – January 26th

Andiamo is scheduled to do a two-night group sail through San Blas on January 26th. We currently have space for two guests (maximum 8). Please check out our San Blas Page for more information and to make a reservation!

The Andiamo Sailing Club!

This has been active for some time now on Facebook, but I just realized that I never posted it on the site! So here’s that link to THE ANDIAMO SAILING CLUB! If you’re on Facebook, please join and get in on the bad behavior. 😛

San Blas FAQ Section is now up!

Due to overwhelming demand (and questions!), in an effort to save everybody time and make the site ever-more convenient, I’m happy to post up our FAQ section. Please check out this section to get any of the more standard questions answered about our San Blas trips! It will be continuously updated as we get new questions! And of course, if this section does not answer your questions, please EMAIL US!