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October, 2008:

Andiamo’s first video clip!

So I FINALLY got the time to put up a clip of Andiamo sailing from San Blas to Cartagena. It’s only about a minute and a half long, but I think it’s a cool step for the site, so check it out! I’ll be putting up more videos of different parts of various antics, sailing and whatnot, as we go along.

Ok, now that’s a brand name…

Plagatox. The only name you need to know.

Plagatox. The only name you need to know.

So on my last shopping run in Panama City, I came across an insecticide I’d never heard of before. It’s called PLAGATOX. Now mind you, there were lots of other brands of insecticides on the shelf. All the old-school favorites, Raid, Black Flag, Baygon, but PLAGATOX got my attention and nothing else mattered.

Really now, there couldn’t be a more perfect name for an insecticide than PLAGATOX. I was immediately captivated by the name. For the first time in ages, I’d been successfully marketed to. I was a mind-numbed consumer again. (more…)

A year without Aretha…

I miss my bitchy annoying one-eyed cat.

I miss my bitchy annoying one-eyed cat.

A year has gone by since Aretha checked out. I still can’t believe it’s been a year already. It still amazes me how much she comes up in conversation regarding Andiamo. Past crew and guests still love to rehash their favorite Aretha stories when we talk. I find myself always bringing up a funny anecdote about Aretha with our new passengers and guests. It’s never forced, it just comes naturally.

I also find it crazy that I miss her as much as I do. She’s a cat for cryin’ out loud. But for so long she was part of the boat’s “atmosphere” that I still find it hard to imagine she’s not around anymore.

On the water…

So we’ve been doing trips steadily, and I’m spending more time on the water than I have in a long while. Andiamo’s had to deal with some pretty crazy weather situations thus far, and has handled all really well. For me, it’s just nice to be out on the deep blue, especially in San Blas. Karen and I have been lucky to start building some really great connections and friendships with the Kunas. One guy, Dino, has become pretty indispensable to us. He’s our “go-to” guy in San Blas and has yet to drop the ball on us. A lot of the other Kunas are getting used to seeing us around, and are routinely coming by to see if we need anything. It’s nice.

The trips are getting more frequent, and Andiamo is getting busier. And we’re none the happier about it.