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December, 2008:

Christmas in the Caribbean… Volume IV

It’s hard to believe that it’s my fourth Christmas aboard Andiamo. What’s more that I’m topping off my FIFTH YEAR living and cruising aboard her (it will be five years in February). So much has happened, so many adventures, so many incredible people encounters, so many places, so many experiences (good and bad) in such a short time. I remember when I was in the navy 25 years ago for a four year stint. Those four years seemed to drag on forever! These days, time goes by at such a dizzying pace, it’s staggering. Yet, things remain interesting. Yet, I’m not tired of it. (more…)

I’m running a bit behind….

I was hoping to get some cool video and some other pieces up during my time in Panama City. But it has rapidly come to an end, and I hadn’t been able to get any of it updated! Andiamo’s gonna be busy for the next week or so, so I probably won’t get another opportunity until about a week after New Years! If I get lucky, I’ll get back in the city for a short restocking trip in between gigs. If so, I’ll try to do it before then. In any case, hang on, more stuff is coming.

And thanks for all the Xmas and new years’ saludos! I hope 2009 is a good one for all of us!

One-way Private Sail to Cartagena, Colombia – February 25th

Andiamo is scheduled to do a one-way private sail from San Blas to Cartagena on February 25th-March 1st.  Please check out our schedule for more available sailing dates!

3 Night Private Sail – San Blas – Jan. 2nd

Andiamo will be on a private sail during these dates in San Blas. Please check the schedule for other dates and availability periods!

3 Night Private Sail – San Blas – Jan. 18th

Andiamo will be on a private sail during these dates in San Blas. Check the schedule for other dates and availability.

They’re puttin’ us on the teevee…

The TV crew and Karen hard at work filming at Chichime'

The TV crew and Karen hard at work filming at Chichime

So while we’re in Panama City after finishing our latest trip last week, I get an email from a Kiwi/British TV crew that was on their way to shoot Panama for a Travel Channel UK show called “Julian and Camilla’s World Odyssey”.  The producer, Camilla (who’s also one of the show’s hosts), tells me that Panama’s tourism board dropped the ball on them, and they were now without a plan to shoot Panama, much less San Blas.

Camilla had found Andiamo via some posts on the Lonely Planet forum, and asked me if I’d be willing to take her and her crew along for a sail around San Blas so they can get some footage and do some interviews with the local Kuna folks. Turns out we actually had a sail planned for that weekend with some guests, so we could make it work. (more…)