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March, 2010:

A Bad case of SWS (Snorkeling Withdrawal Syndrome)…

Vicky, a recent guest from Nebraska, sent me this disturbing photo of her husband Bob, having the dreaded Snorkeling Withdrawal Syndrome (SWS). This is by far the worst case I’ve ever seen in all my years. And being in Nebraska in the winter, it can only exacerbate the condition. As can plainly be seen in this picture. Our hearts go out to Vicky and Bob, and we can only hope that he snaps out of it. That or at the very least that they have a spring thaw and FAST! ;p

This is just too sad... Don't let this happen to you. Get Help!

Great Clip by Alex Galitzky!

Here’s a fun clip of photos and video made by Alex, a recent guest who hails from New York City. Many thanks Alex for sharing! 😉

No more Amazon Payments… :(

Just when Amazon’s new payment service was starting to catch on for us, they decide to cut us off. They recently updated their policies to prohibit services that dealt with “travel-related” or “tour operator” services. Somehow, we fall into that category, so we got put on the DENIED list. 🙁

Paypal still works fine for most people. I’ll continue to seek out efficient and competitive payment services for our sailing trips. Thanks for everyone’s understanding and sorry for any inconvenience because of this development.