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September, 2009:

Maintenance Period – Cartagena

Andiamo will be unavailable this period due to required maintenance and upkeep while in Cartagena. Please check the schedule for other sailing dates that are available.

Mom, birthdays, and choices…

A favorite pic of Mom...
A favorite pic of Mom…

So today is Mom’s birthday, she would have been 82. I find it rather odd that I let myself schedule a sailing trip to start today of all days. Maybe I should have put today aside, but I didn’t. Maybe that’s part of the milestones becoming less off-putting than previous years. Or maybe there was another reason I don’t even know about yet.

It’s not due to forgetting her birthday or anything like that. I have been thinking about my mom quite a bit lately, and not just because of her upcoming birthday. It’s because I found myself feeling guilty. Guilty because I promised myself that I’d write a piece about a strange or funny experience that I shared with her on the anniversary of her death back in July. Much like what I did with Pop on his birthday. Though I had tons of material and memories to pick from, I found myself just not being inspired to write about any of them. Which I found both strange and frustrating.


Phenom Storm Photo!

Riding out the storm... photo by Leila Mohammad

Riding out the storm... photo by Leila Mohammad

A few days ago, during a trip, we encountered a MASSIVE storm while anchored in the West Lemons, San Blas. Winds hit 30+ knots, rain was blinding, and lightning ground strikes were everywhere. Leila, one third of a spunky mother/daughters trio that was aboard on this particular trip, grabbed this gem of a shot.

You can see one of the fast-moving low-lying storm rollers coming at us with a vengeance. Meanwhile, in the right foreground, our neighbor in the anchorage, “Lulu” hopes to avoid what would have been its THIRD lightning strike this year. There were several frighteningly spectacular ground strikes all around us during the onslaught. Including one that interrupted Andiamo’s electric ground for a good three seconds and gave the air the smell of burning sulphur. Crazy stuff.

Thanks Leila for sharing this keeper of a pic. πŸ™‚

New Kuna Baby!!!

The new tiny arrival...

The new tiny arrival...

My Kuna man-friday, crewman, and buddy, Dino, and his wife Flor (pictured) have welcomed their fifth child into Kuna-world. She is named Rihanna Kirian, tiny, and super CUTE!!! The delivery went well, and they are both super-excited proud parents. It’s their first girl, so I suspect Dino will need to beef up his gun collection over the next 12 years or so… πŸ™‚

Felicidades! πŸ™‚

They’re puttin’ us on the teevee… (cont’d)

While I was stateside last week, I was FINALLY able to watch the DVD that Camilla from “Julian and Camilla’s World Odyssey” sent me a while back. This was the tv program that they shot in Panama, and included a segment of them onboard the Andiamo late last year. Well, it’s FINALLY coming out! I watched the episode, and WOW! It’s fantastic!

And not only because it showcases Andiamo and San Blas so beautifully, if I do say so myself πŸ™‚ . But also because they go off the “beaten path” in Panama and uncover some really great and yet relatively unknown spots, people, and curiosities. They didn’t even BOTHER going to Bocas del Toro, which alone is a testament to staying away from the usual touristy spots.

So if you’re in Europe/UK, don’t miss this show! Follow the link above to get the details! They were gracious enough to let me put up a clip of the segment featuring Andiamo, but I need to wait until after the show airs. So it will go up sometime soon after October 8th.