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June, 2009:

Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here…

Ok, so regular readers (the few of you out there) will remember we had a BIG development back in April when one of our onboard guests, Glen proposed to his lovely Holly while sailing with us in San Blas. It was what I called the beginning of some kind of paradigm shift in Andiamo’s rather tumultuous effect on relationships that came in contact with her. (more…)

Twitter Me Up!

Ok, so I’ve had my twitter for sometime now, but hadn’t really done anything with it. I admit it. I haven’t been “Twitter-savvy”. However, I’m starting to “get it” with Twitter, and you know what? It’s purty cool. It’s a simple concept, but you can do so much on it, it’s mind-boggling. I also now have Twitter tied into my Facebook and my Blog, so all get updated dynamically. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for a guy who does most of his netting by phone, it is. My thumbs appreciate it. 🙂

So… in an effort to harness my new Twitter-ness for good and not evil, I invite you to join me on it! If you already have it, great! Twitter me dammit! If not, go to Twitter, and catch up already! Don’t you know it’s 2009? :p

Break Period – April 25th to May 4th

Andiamo and its crew is scheduled to go on break during this period. Please do not try to book these dates as they will not be available. Please check out our San Blas Page and Schedule for more information on other dates and to make a reservation!

A funny Pop memory…

Dealing with the milestone dates always seem to take a different angle with me as each year goes by. Yeah, I went through my sad mopey period today on Pop’s birthday like I usually do. I get a bit quiet and reserved. Which this time was pretty easy to do, because I was by myself. Karen was in Caucasia visiting her parents, the passengers cleared out yesterday, and I was alone. Just me, and the Luce.

The strange thing this time is I spent most of the day having recurring memories about some of my funnier moments with Pop. There have been many of them, sure, but today, my memory chose to showcase a couple particular ones from my younger years. And one standout from that group seemed to get top billing. The funny thing is it was a memory I hadn’t thought about in a long time before today… here’s how it goes: (more…)

“I swear your honor, I had my blinker on…”

So a couple of weeks ago, after fleeing Mark’s place after his meltdown, we moved to a nearby hotel in Panama City. Karen and I thought it would be better to stay there and clear our heads for a day or two before figuring what our next move would be while in the city. David, a Canadian trip alumni and PC resident who has since become a good friend of ours, said we could stay with him. But we didn’t want to be any trouble. We did, however want to go get some stuff from his place that Karen left with him before a previous trip, and to bring back some stuff he had let us borrow recently. (more…)