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January, 2008:

Pop, and the elusive Cubans…

Despite all that is going on with the Andiamo project, I found myself in a weird funk all of today. It’s now 3 years to the day since losing Pop, and the pain and loss is still fresh. No matter how well I deal with them in a relative sense throughout the years, I still find these milestones a bit hard to deal with. They always hit me in a weird way.

New Year’s has also been a bit tough for me, because I reflect on flying back to LA on new year’s eve in 2004 to see Pop for the last time. I was lucky to yet again have good people around me who took some of the edge off. This includes a new person, who despite just meeting up that night at a disco in Old Town Cartagena (very drunk I might add). She and her friends made the night really fun for me. She listened and cared as I talked about what I was going through on new year’s morning. (more…)