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November, 2008:

The Muchas Gracias List! – 2008 Edition

It took me a little longer to get this year’s “Muchas Gracias List”, an annual thanksgiving tradition here on the Andiamo blog, together. It’s mostly because Andiamo’s been crazy busy lately. Nonetheless, I want to get this year’s list up now while I had a chance to give a special thanks and recognition to the people who’ve been exceptionally helpful and supportive to me and Andiamo this past year.

So without further adieu… (more…)

San Blas to Cartagena – Leaving December 2nd

Andiamo will be sailing to Cartagena for yet another jaunt. She leaves San Blas after cruising the islands for two nights. Then it’s time for an overnight sail to Cartagena. It’s a GREAT trip. This trip is fully booked and there is no more space available. To see about getting aboard a future trip, please visit the Sail Andiamo Page on our website for more information and to make a pre-reservation! To see about sailing around San Blas for 2 or 3 nights on one of our mini-sails, check out our San Blas Sailing Page!

Dolphins again?? Yawn….

Here’s a cool clip of one of the biggest dolphin sightings Andiamo’s EVER SEEN! Luckily, the battery was charged, the sun was all good, and I managed to get some great footage. Oh, and wait for the AWESOME aerial breach by two dolphins (one is a baby). That’s NOT something you see every time. Enjoy!

Check out the new sailing shots!

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from a far...

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from afar...

For the past almost five years, I’ve wanted nothing more than to get some decent shots of Andiamo undersail, but from AWAY! That’s not asking too much is it? I mean, how hard can it be? Yet, for some unknown cosmic reason, it was never able to happen. Until NOW that is!! 🙂

Earlier this month, as we unceremoniously sailed back to Cartagena after experiencing some motor trouble on the way to Panama (that’s putting things mildly),  we were finally able to get some great sailing shots before sailing into the harbor. Many thanks to Mats of “Da Capo” for doing the honors.  So check them out on the gallery via this link!

That’s right… it’s time for ANOTHER VIDEO!!! Woohoo!

Last weekend it was crazy here. There was a national independence holiday going on, the Miss Colombia Pageant (which took place in Cartagena) and a weird boat festival called the “Balleneras” festival, which now ties in with the beauty pageant. Anyway, I hung out on deck watching the action with my video cam, and what happened afterward was a crazy little bit by Karen that was totally unrehearsed and unplanned. It’s actually pretty funny, at least I think so, so give it a look…

Andiamo has a new store! Cool, huh?

That’s right, as part of the Andiamo’s quest to rule the world, we’ve opened up an Amazon store! :p

Why you ask? Well, for one thing, I get asked all the time by readers what books they should read to prepare themselves for cruising. I also get asked for my opinion about other boat-related stuff as well. So, as part of the “Shameless Plugs” section’s strategy, I shall seek to render my opinions and advice about books and other products, AND direct you to the best deals for them online, which is almost always Amazon anyway.

I invite you to check out the store, and be aware that I’ll be adding lots more items and reviews as we go along. Also remember that I’ll also be linking to other shopping sites and resources under this category, and making recommendations for those sites as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go to The Andiamo Store now!

This is the new stuff…

Oh yeah baby... New and improved...

Oh yeah baby... New and improved...

Well, between having this temporary downtime, and being locked out of my Pokerstars account (apparently, playing from Colombia poses a security risk, they claim to be sorting it out… ), I finally found some time to get the rest of my Andiamo site projects going! I know, I know… it’s about time! 😛 (more…)