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October, 2009:

At long last! The clip of the BIG SHOW featuring Andiamo!

Yes, at long last! Sorry it took me so long to get it up on the site. My little Mexico jaunt (post coming up next) was a bit of an interruption. Then, I had a trip right after I got back, so that dragged things on a few more days. But nevermind all that, the wait is over! Click and enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

Return to Mexico…

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

It was inevitable. It was bound to happen sometime. Though I had been able to successfully dodge the subject for over five years, it finally happened. I got pulled back to Mexico. Not only was I slickly cajoled to Mexico. A place that until now showed up as just as one big black, non-existent spot on the map of my “world” as I saw it. No, on top of that I was called to a specific place there that shows up on that black hole on my map as my undisputed “epicenter of pain and sadness”. That would be… Isla Mujeres. (more…)

The Big Show Airs Tonight! :)

That’s right, Julian and Camilla’s World Odyssey episode of Panama starts airing tonight on Travel Channel UK, which broadcasts on cable and satellite systems around the globe. So be sure to catch it if you get this channel! For details, click on the link!