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June, 2010:

The Andiamo European Goodwill Tour!

Up at the observation point - Mt. Santis, Switzerland

I decided I was going to do things a little differently this year. It was going to be all about doing trips with Andiamo and getting caught up on traveling abroad. Considering that I had been working much more over the past couple of years, change was due. This was going to be the year that I got caught up on traveling as much as possible.

To prove my seriousness, I gave up my shared apartment in Panama City last January. Thus, not having anything to keep me lazy and comfortable in the city during my breaks in between trips. Since then, I’ve had many nice little jaunts around Panama, back stateside, and even Canada. And now, it was time to splurge and do Europe. 🙂 (more…)

Pop goes to McDonald’s in Centre Pompidou…

Being in Europe while Pop’s birthday passes today, I couldn’t help but think about his last jaunt out here. It was courtesy of my ex-wife and me. The time I spent in Amsterdam during this jaunt particularly brought back memories. In the midst of it all, I’d find myself grinning or laughing out loud remembering his antics from those fateful weeks he spent with us road tripping from Holland to France. But I also had to shed a few tears. (more…)