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September, 2008:

Sailboat Rigging

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sailboat rigging Rigging a c-scow with boom vang and cunningham lines?

I’m reviving a 1972 Melges c-scow sailboat and would like to know how to rig the boom vang and cunningham lines. Any other tips about this catboat and its rigging would be appreciated. Any links to illustrations or reference books I could look for? is really the place you need to go to there are some scow buffs there

How to Sail a Boat : Rigging the Main Sail: Free Online Sailing Lessons

Mom’s Birthday…

While we were enjoying a rather quiet day weather-wise in the anchorage today, things were rather stressful otherwise. I don’t know why, but things were getting on my nerves. I found myself not having the usual patience to deal with issues on the boat, the weather and whatever else. Later in the day, I was trying to take a nap, when I realized what was eating at me. It was my mom’s birthday. (more…)

It’s Electric… (boogie-woogie-woogie)

Most of the trip over from San Blas was flat with virtually no wind. This meant having to motor a lot more than I forecasted. While we were still in San Blas getting ready to take on our latest batch of passengers, we had made arrangements with Luis, one of the drivers we use regularly, to do a run for us and pick up some diesel and some more food provisions. I had done a mini-trip before this run, and we needed more supplies, and fuel. (more…)

A busy few days in Panama…

After settling down after our last trip by taking in some nice we-time in San Blas (it was Karen’s first time there, she fell in love with the place and its people in mere seconds), we decided to head into the city to take care of some business, deal with some affairs, and of course, line up some passengers for a trip back to Cartagena (I know what you’re thinking… didn’t we just LEAVE that place?). Karen was also going on a buying mission to take advantage of Panama City’s incredibly low prices on clothing and other stuff, and buy up some inventory for her parents’ clothing store back in Caucasia. (more…)

Visa DENIED! …and back to Panama

That’s right, I was an illegal alien for a time in Colombia. Since Karen and I went to the states last May, I thought the clock had restarted on my visa time in Colombia and I had another six months’
time. Turned out I was wrong. It appears that tourists only get 6 months max out of a calendar year to be in Colombia. After my re-entry stamp ran out in August, I had been in Colombia a total of about 8 months. The “Inmigracion” didn’t like that too much. He threw my passport back at me when I tried to extend, and told me I had to leave. Now. (more…)

Time to make some changes ’round here…

[ad#name]As you can probably tell if you’ve surfed by the past few days, the site’s been undergoing some changes, hopefully for the better. I’ve adapted WordPress to be my platform for the blog as of now. I tried to get my old standby B2evolution updated, but it proved to be a bronto-project that I simply don’t have time for. So… WordPress it is!

I’m going to leave the original blog as is on the site, and will start posting all new postings and content via this new WordPress platform. Please let me know what you think of the updates, and/or if you can see anything that needs tweaking. Since Andiamo will be a busy bee these next few months, I’ll be updating sporadically, when I’m close to good internet, which may be 1-2 weeks apart at a time. I’ve got some cool (if not rather overly ambitious) ideas that I plan on implementing to the blog as we go.

As always, feedback is important to me, so slap me up with plenty of it.

Blog Updates!!

I’ve been hacking away at the site the past couple of days, getting the site ready for the big changes. I’ve updated my B2evo program to a later version. New blog updates will be put on the new platform effective immediately. To get to the new platform, just click on the link up top of this page that says “NEW Andiamo Log, or just click on the title of this entry.

Now for the fun stuff, getting the content integrated, and all the other new stuff put on. We’ll see how much I get done.