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A Bad case of SWS (Snorkeling Withdrawal Syndrome)…

Vicky, a recent guest from Nebraska, sent me this disturbing photo of her husband Bob, having the dreaded Snorkeling Withdrawal Syndrome (SWS). This is by far the worst case I’ve ever seen in all my years. And being in Nebraska in the winter, it can only exacerbate the condition. As can plainly be seen in this picture. Our hearts go out to Vicky and Bob, and we can only hope that he snaps out of it. That or at the very least that they have a spring thaw and FAST! ;p

This is just too sad... Don't let this happen to you. Get Help!

Return to Mexico…

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

Arriving at the dock at Isla Mujeres... *gulp*

It was inevitable. It was bound to happen sometime. Though I had been able to successfully dodge the subject for over five years, it finally happened. I got pulled back to Mexico. Not only was I slickly cajoled to Mexico. A place that until now showed up as just as one big black, non-existent spot on the map of my “world” as I saw it. No, on top of that I was called to a specific place there that shows up on that black hole on my map as my undisputed “epicenter of pain and sadness”. That would be… Isla Mujeres. (more…)

That’s right… it’s time for ANOTHER VIDEO!!! Woohoo!

Last weekend it was crazy here. There was a national independence holiday going on, the Miss Colombia Pageant (which took place in Cartagena) and a weird boat festival called the “Balleneras” festival, which now ties in with the beauty pageant. Anyway, I hung out on deck watching the action with my video cam, and what happened afterward was a crazy little bit by Karen that was totally unrehearsed and unplanned. It’s actually pretty funny, at least I think so, so give it a look…