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Cartì Yandup Junior Team Win 2nd Place!

The squad on Andiamo before the big game…

The cup ceremony after the championship game…

December is the time for the soccer finals in Kuna Yala. And Andiamo is the proud sponsor of the Carti Yandup island team, where First Mate Dino’s son Rey plays as forward. With lots of hard work and tough competition, we were able to cheer them on all the way to the finals.


Schedule updated through April 30th 2012!

The schedule is now updated through April 30th, 2012. We apologize for the delay on posting it. We have had a tremendous amount of early requests and inquiries, and have been trying incredibly hard to satisfy everyone!

There is still a very small amount flexibility available on some dates. So please let us know if you have any particular needs regarding dates! We will still do everything we can to make the schedule work for everyone as much as possible. Trips are filling up FAST! So book as early as possible to get the dates you want!

May’s schedule is next and should be up within the next few weeks. Please feel free to submit a reservation for preferred dates in the meantime. We’ll do everything we can to make it happen!

Intrepid ‘Andiamo’ from Phil’s Eyes.

Great shot by Phil, check out more on his FB album by clicking the link!

This is one of many future contributions Phil will be making to the Andiamo Blog. I’ll be setting up his own section on the site once he builds up a bit of an article count…

Tony invited me to pitch up in Panama and see if i could help with running some of his sought after trips. I’m Phil, Philip Morris, as in the cigarettes but not part of it! Done some sailing and a bit of world living & travel. Panama is good. Panama is different. Its in that crazy sort of untamed way that you LIKE to see when you need to escape from too much civilisation. So…also…getting your gear together and charging out to Andiamo for an island break heightens this appeal. (more…)

Ok, I’m sensing a pattern here…

Ok, so regular readers (the few of you out there) will remember we had a BIG development back in April when one of our onboard guests, Glen proposed to his lovely Holly while sailing with us in San Blas. It was what I called the beginning of some kind of paradigm shift in Andiamo’s rather tumultuous effect on relationships that came in contact with her. (more…)

Ok, this is a first… a BIG first…

Glen, Holly, Tony and Karen on Engagement Night... salud!
Glen, Holly, Tony and Karen on Engagement Night… salud!

It had to happen sometime…

In Andiamo’s five-year history, she’s been known to be an agitator, instigator, temptor, and even a destroyer of romantic relationships. She has cast her waves far and wide with great fury when it came to testing and ultimately crushing loving relationships. Which, until they met with Andiamo, were relatively blissful and harmonious. On the flipside, Andiamo has proven to be a hotbed for meaningless flings and loveless yet passionate trysts among people who were but strangers before coming aboard.