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The Beautiful Chaos of Havana, Part I

In front of Havana's El Capitolio...

Boarding the plane from Panama City to Havana, I felt an almost kiddie-ish excitement about the trip I was about to take. It was a long time coming. Something that had to finally happen. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle were together, Something that had always been so elusive was finally becoming real.

For most Americans like me, going to Cuba always seemed a pipe dream. For as long as I can remember, it always seemed to be a strange, forbidden place so far away while yet being so ridiculously close. Particularly since I grew up in Florida. I remember how odd it seemed then that a place that so much closer to Florida than New York or Chicago could seem so distant, so out of this world. (more…)

Check out the new sailing shots!

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from a far...

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from afar...

For the past almost five years, I’ve wanted nothing more than to get some decent shots of Andiamo undersail, but from AWAY! That’s not asking too much is it? I mean, how hard can it be? Yet, for some unknown cosmic reason, it was never able to happen. Until NOW that is!! 🙂

Earlier this month, as we unceremoniously sailed back to Cartagena after experiencing some motor trouble on the way to Panama (that’s putting things mildly),  we were finally able to get some great sailing shots before sailing into the harbor. Many thanks to Mats of “Da Capo” for doing the honors.  So check them out on the gallery via this link!