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Another Sailing Clip! San Blas – December 2008

Here’s some great footage of some fun sailing we did in early December on our way to Cartagena. 18-25 knot winds, and really fun conditions. Andiamo just pointed and sailed like a rocket! The video barely does the real thing justice! Anyway, check it out! 🙂

Check out the new sailing shots!

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from a far...

Ah yes... this is what it looks like from afar...

For the past almost five years, I’ve wanted nothing more than to get some decent shots of Andiamo undersail, but from AWAY! That’s not asking too much is it? I mean, how hard can it be? Yet, for some unknown cosmic reason, it was never able to happen. Until NOW that is!! 🙂

Earlier this month, as we unceremoniously sailed back to Cartagena after experiencing some motor trouble on the way to Panama (that’s putting things mildly),  we were finally able to get some great sailing shots before sailing into the harbor. Many thanks to Mats of “Da Capo” for doing the honors.  So check them out on the gallery via this link!

Andiamo has a new store! Cool, huh?

That’s right, as part of the Andiamo’s quest to rule the world, we’ve opened up an Amazon store! :p

Why you ask? Well, for one thing, I get asked all the time by readers what books they should read to prepare themselves for cruising. I also get asked for my opinion about other boat-related stuff as well. So, as part of the “Shameless Plugs” section’s strategy, I shall seek to render my opinions and advice about books and other products, AND direct you to the best deals for them online, which is almost always Amazon anyway.

I invite you to check out the store, and be aware that I’ll be adding lots more items and reviews as we go along. Also remember that I’ll also be linking to other shopping sites and resources under this category, and making recommendations for those sites as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go to The Andiamo Store now!

Sailboat Rigging

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sailboat rigging Rigging a c-scow with boom vang and cunningham lines?

I’m reviving a 1972 Melges c-scow sailboat and would like to know how to rig the boom vang and cunningham lines. Any other tips about this catboat and its rigging would be appreciated. Any links to illustrations or reference books I could look for? is really the place you need to go to there are some scow buffs there

How to Sail a Boat : Rigging the Main Sail: Free Online Sailing Lessons