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They’re puttin’ us on the teevee…

The TV crew and Karen hard at work filming at Chichime'

The TV crew and Karen hard at work filming at Chichime

So while we’re in Panama City after finishing our latest trip last week, I get an email from a Kiwi/British TV crew that was on their way to shoot Panama for a Travel Channel UK show called “Julian and Camilla’s World Odyssey”.  The producer, Camilla (who’s also one of the show’s hosts), tells me that Panama’s tourism board dropped the ball on them, and they were now without a plan to shoot Panama, much less San Blas.

Camilla had found Andiamo via some posts on the Lonely Planet forum, and asked me if I’d be willing to take her and her crew along for a sail around San Blas so they can get some footage and do some interviews with the local Kuna folks. Turns out we actually had a sail planned for that weekend with some guests, so we could make it work.

So we had them onboard for a weekend, and showed them around San Blas. Luckily the weather cleared up rather nicely for the most part, and they were able to get some great footage. Karen and I also had to take part in a tense negotiation with the Kuna Chief on Isla Porvenir to get them a permit to shoot San Blas and get a rare interview with the chief. Karen then acted as translator for those segments.

We also had along a Czech couple, Josef and Milushka, who had already arranged with us to do a sail earlier in the month. So needless to say it was a great mixed crowd. We had a great time with the crew, and Karen even got to man the mike boom (as you can see in the pic above)!

They got some great footage of sailing on the Andiamo and even interviewed us! So hopefully some of that footage won’t end up on the cutting room floor. We’ll see sometime this summer when their Panama episode gets aired in UK and Europe on Travel Channel UK. Camilla told me she’d let me know the airdate and send me a copy of the episode. So we’ll just have to stay tuned for now…

I will have some great pics posted on the Andiamo gallery and some fun video of Karen doing the translation of the Kuna Chief’s interview once I edit it a bit. It was a lot of fun, and very flattering that a crew like these guys would want to sail with us! So thanks alot, Camilla, Julian, Ian and Tom for a great experience and a fun time!

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