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Mom… inspiration source??

Mom, back in her prime. 🙂

Mom would have been 83 today. What has become most prominent about my sentiments on this particular milestone strangely has to do with the words on the upper left hand corner of this blog, under the title. “You won’t know, if you don’t go.”

See, before I posted that quote, I would change it from time to time, with various one-line musings and thoughts. Though they were all different from each other, they yet always gave a different variation or angle on the whole philosophy of “going”, reaching a destiny.

However, since I updated it to this one, it hasn’t changed. And I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Why? Since posting the story surrounding this quote last year on this day something strange has happened. I’ve received some very interesting, dare I say flattering and humbling feedback from multitudes of guests and readers of the blog.

At least a few dozen emails, comments and facebook messages from people came in. Most told me how they were moved by this particular story. Many went as far as saying that it helped them get off the fence regarding some hard life decisions. For some, it motivated them to go somewhere they’ve longed to go. For others, as strange as it sounds, it motivated them to reach for one of their up to then elusive goals or dreams. I’ve even had more than a few guests tell me that little saying, however inocuous, was the deciding factor in coming to Andiamo. It inspired them to come experience San Blas and/or venture off to a special place they’ve always wanted to see. All of this which I find absolutely incredible.

Who knew that a few sly words from my mom could have such an impact on people? I sure as hell didn’t. I wonder how she would react or what she would say if she knew that those few words she said to me so long ago, would have such an effect on so many people she didn’t even know, long after she left us. I think she would be very happy about it. 🙂

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  1. Lynn Leonard says:

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. Hugs to you.